Dear colleagues,

The list of accepted papers for GNP 2012 has been completed. Due to technical problems with paper-base/system, we have not managed to include in the list 15-20 papers, whose authors are already announced about paper acceptance, by e-mail. We hope to solve these problems in next few days and to add mentioned papers in the list. Nevertheless the (non-)appearance in this list, all accepted papers will be published in the GNP 2012 Proceedings.

For all papers from our base/system, we sent an e-mail announcement about (non-)acceptance to one (contact) author. In case you have not received such announcement and there is no your paper in the list below, we would kindly ask you to contact us as soon as possible (, +382 69 068 960, +382 20 268 617), in order to solve the problem.

We apologise for small mistakes in the list (wrong characters/letters in authors names, wrong titles etc). All mistakes that you paid our attention to, or we noticed them by ourselves, will be corrected in the GNP 2012 Proceedings. Data for Proceedings are taken (copied) directly from your original papers and there should be no mistakes.

GNP 2012 Organising Committee


GNP 2016